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Welcome to the website for Backgroundcamel - a North East, England based artist.
Their geometric, abstract artwork is big and bold. The bright colours and simplistic shapes are perfect for brightening up a space and bringing positive feelings to the viewer.
Whether it is a painting hung on a wall, a wall painting, or even a window design, Backgroundcamel's artwork complements both commercial and domestic settings beautifully.


Have a space you want brightening up?
Why not get a bespoke piece specially made? Free quotation with fully transparent costs - Just click the contact button!
Want something pre-made? Peruse these visual treats at your pleasure!

Instagram Feed

Keep up to date with Backgroundcamel's activities on Instagram.
You can also find them on Etsy, Pinterest, YouTube, Saatchi Art, Artmajeur, Create Britain, and more using the tag @backgroundcamel.


For all enquiries, including commissions, please contact via:


  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Facebook

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