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Geometric Abstract Artwork

The majority of Backgroundcamel's work is based on simplifying images, that have been captured with a camera, into shapes. The idea came from trying to visualise 8-bit/Chiptune music by using unnatural colours (to capture the unnatural computer-like sounds) and geometric shapes to breakdown and rebuild an image (much like the retro computer games this style of music is influenced from uses pixels to represent a simpler version of an image).
Some comes from the mind - either influenced by the surroundings of the location the work is designed for or purely from the artist's imagination.
Whichever way the image has been created, the artist sees the work as being made up of pieces - much like a puzzle. If the work has a specific meaning behind it, clues are left for the viewer to try and discover on their own - much like a puzzle.
There is also a range of work based on maps and popular imagery.


...and other one-off stills.

Very often unnatural colours on shiny materials.
Although not always the case - just because the style was born from attempting to visualise a specific style of music, doesn't mean it can't waver or evolve.


...and other multiples/limited editions.

I create more affordable, limited runs of some of my paintings. These are usually on paper, though I have been experimenting with printing on other materials so watch this space!
Some prints may not have a matching painting design, or be a composition variant of one.


Digital work that I have created - either to exist in the digital world or recreated physically (e.g. a digital print).

Installation & Site-Specific Work

My installation work is based on the same ideas as the rest of my work. Like music, I aim to create an experience for the viewer. Because where a song is sound that stirs emotions and creates images in the mind, a gig or concert is a totally different experience. An experience that you share with other people. It's a total escape! The loud music and flashing lights making your head spin, the ultimate rush.
I want people to come away from my installation work feeling like they we truly immersed in it. That it made an impact.