The majority of Backgroundcamel's work is based on simplifying images, that have been captured with a camera, into shapes.

Some comes from the mind - either influenced by the surroundings of the location the work is designed for or purely from the artist's imagination.

There is also a range of work based on maps and popular imagery.

Please contact for commissions.


Installation & Site Specific Work

My installation work is based on the same ideas as the rest of my work. Like music, I aim to create an experience for the viewer. Because where a song is sound that stirs emotions and creates images in the mind, a gig or concert is a totally different experience. An experience that you share with other people. It's a total escape! The loud music and flashing lights making your head spin, the ultimate rush.

I want people to come away from my installation work feeling like they we truly immersed in it. That it made an impact.

Please contact me for commissions.